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The Stain Erasers® journey began over 20 years ago with Joe Macomber, compelled by the urgent need to find a better, safer, more efficient way to clean roofs. At the time, Joe and his team tirelessly pressure washed roof and exterior surface stains caused by biological growth. However, traditional pressure washing proved both water-intensive and ineffective, allowing the return of algae, mildew, and fungus to persist. A critical turning point occurred when Joe, through rigorous investigation, uncovered that these fungi took root in the tiny surface crevices. While pressure cleaning addressed the visible surface stains, it didn’t kill the roots and inadvertently fueled regrowth – much like watering a plant. While others relied on harsh chemicals like bleach and chlorine, Joe recognized their drawbacks—voiding roofing warranties, causing fading on surfaces, posing hazards to pets and plants, and the potential unseen damages from runoff into gutters. Armed with a chemistry degree, Joe conducted extensive trial and error, resulting in the creation of Citra-Shield: a revolutionary cleaning agent engineered to safely eliminate biological growths without resorting to harsh chemicals or high-pressure methods. As the years unfolded, Joe and his team skillfully tackled exterior stains, leading to the growing success of his cleaning company. In 2023, Ryan Sellars presented Joe with the concept of 'Stain Erasers,' a business that leveraged Citra-Shield to eradicate surface stains but also prioritized the environmental aspects in exterior cleaning services. By 2024, responding to the evolving needs of its customers, Stain Erasers expanded its eco-friendly services to include window cleaning and fuel/oil stain removal. Stain Erasers’ commitment to innovation and sustainability is unmistakable and continues to be evident in every aspect of its business.

Our Story


We never use harsh chemicals like bleach and pesticides, ensuring a safer and more environmentally friendly approach to exterior surface cleaning.

Innovation & Technology

We utilize advanced cleaning methods in order to provide results that transform properties, enhance efficiency, and uphold a high level of safety.

Lasting Results

We focus on methods that prevent regrowth and build up, ensuring routine maintenance for pristine surfaces (instead of frequent and costly follow-up visits).

USA Made

We value American craftsmanship, opting for USA-made solutions whenever possible, supporting local industries, and ensuring a high level of quality.

Safety Protocols

We set a high level of safety, eliminating risks associated with traditional methods and prioritizing the well-being of customers, their properties, our technicians and the environment.

Superior Service

Dedicated to going beyond immediate results to cultivate long-term customer satisfaction built on trust, reliability, and a shared interest in eco-friendly solutions.

Our Values

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